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Do you have notebooks full of ideas, or a great concept for a book, but you haven’t written a single word because you’re stuck? We developed BookLab to help you get your book started and finished!

Here’s how it works. A Writers’ Collective is a network of writing coaches who are graduates of the best MFA writing programs – including the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. We developed BookLab to help authors get their manuscript completed with the help, coaching, and support of a published and award-winning author. We have worked with soldiers returning from Afghanistan, surgeons depicting the inner workings of hospitals, and dozens of everyday people with a story to tell. Our world-class writing coaches will get your manuscript finished in as little as two to four months.

We also work with non-fiction authors who want to build their writing platforms. Pastors, investment advisors, weight loss and exercise professionals, lawyers, counselors, and anyone with a system to improve peoples’ lives can put together a book with the help of one of our coaches, in a relatively short period of time, which means more business for you.

BookLab: Overall coaching to hone your writing skills and, at the end of the process, a professionally edited manuscript. This package includes:

An initial forty-five-minute phone consultation, monthly phone consultations, and a final exit phone consultation.
A written review of thirty pages every three weeks, and a four-page, double-spaced, written analysis for every submission.
Our editors will go through several pages of the manuscript and restructure sentences, as well as explain why these changes improve the book. These edits don’t specifically address grammar. Rather, they teach craft skills so you can produce a polished piece of prose.

A Writers’ Collective
Joseph Chinnock


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