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Experience-based Editing

WordSmiths’ services are designed to help polish your manuscript and hone your writing abilities. We do this by providing you with experience-based editing, revision and manuscript development services, and analysis.

We offer the following wordsmith packages:

Each manuscript service includes line-by-line edits in a Word document with commentary and analysis and takes advantage of the track changes feature {I’m guessing you use the track changes feature in Word or in another word processing program, if I’m wrong don’t put it in, of course}. We even include line edits in our initial consultation. These craft-based revisions help you tell your story more effectively. To see how our services work, click on the PDF samples.

Work Plan Blueprint
The Work Plan Blueprint provides an overview of any problem areas your manuscript faces and addresses voice, structure, plot, dialogue, and character development. The blueprint also includes ways to improve your writing with or without further assistance from WordSmiths. This option includes a letter of analysis, a one-page line edit that reveals how to address the issues, a guide to services that will serve you the best in moving forward with writing your story, and a phone consultation with one of our editors. $2 per page.

Reconstruction Plan
The Reconstruction Plan is a more extensive version of the Work Plan Blueprint service. With this service a WordSmith’s editor reviews your manuscript, provides you with 30 or more pages of in-depth analysis of plot, characterization, dialogue, structure, a 5-page line edit, and a follow up telephone consultation with the editor. Prices for this service start at $1,600.

Renovation Plan
The Renovation Plan is for the manuscript with one component that’s keeping your project from reaching its fruition. The issue could be anything—character or plot development, voice, dialogue, POV, pacing, scene construction, structure, or something else. We’ll pinpoint the problem your manuscript faces and suggests possible fixes. This option includes a 20-page analysis of your manuscript, a 10-page line edit of select passages, highlighting ways to work with that issue throughout the manuscript, and a telephone consultation with the editor. Prices start at $1,200.

The Remodel
The Remodel is for writers who really want to tackle craft issues in the manuscript as well as hone their own writing skills. The option includes a 30-page, in-depth analysis, a 10-page line edit that focuses on scene construction, character description, and more. This service also includes a follow up telephone consultation with the editor. Prices start at $1,800.

The Do it Yourself Kit
Are you just getting started on a writing project; working on a manuscript for years but are now stalled; do you have notebooks full of ideas, but no clear sense of how to put them together; or do you simply have a good story you want to tell? Sometimes we need a writing coach to discus ideas with, review some of our pages, and someone who can provide you with a road map for your project. We also need someone that can hold us accountable so we write on a consistent basis.

Through the Do-It-Yourself Kit, WordSmiths will serve as your writing coach over a four-month period. During that time, 30 pages are due to your editor every three weeks, under the program. By the end you’ll have up to 180 pages that have been edited, reviewed, and commented on by one of our editors, and a clear sense of where you need to go next on the project. The initial consultation costs $100, which is applied to the overall cost. This service starts at $1,100 for six consultations, each on up to 30 pages of your manuscript. Call or email us to learn more about this unique service.

Non-Fiction Book Proposal Repair

To get an agent or a publisher to champion your book, both your query letter and your proposal need to stand out among the hundreds they receive every week. This package includes a five-page analysis of your proposal’s strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for fixes, two pages of revision examples. It also includes a second review after you’ve made changes, and two telephone conversations with the editor. In addition, we’ll assemble a query letter to help you interest agents and publishers in your book. This service costs $900.


WordSmiths also offers editing services. We offer copyediting for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and/or a complete editorial line edit of the project. Line editing is time and talent intensive. But it is appropriate when the author feels he or she needs help in language issues before they can work with the higher order issues in the text.
Copyediting: $6 to $9 per page.
Line editing: $10 to $20 per page.

Ghost Writing

Our award-winning authors are also successful ghostwriters. We are confident that one of our authors is suited to both your project and you. Fees are on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more details.

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